Shepherd's Purse and Cystitis

For the basic attack of urethritis or cystitis, from food binges, too much booze or coffee, that strange white powder you snuffed a lot of at a party two nights ago, rabid and enjoyable sessions of sexual excesses that leave you walking bowlegged, or driving nonstop from Santa Barbara to Bangor, Maine, with only a bag of dried banana chips, two pounds of Nacho Flavored Fritos, and homemade salsa for food, in a rented subcompact with twelve traveling bags, a parakeet, and a four-year-old cranky child…your basic garden variety of bladder infection.

Drink ½ teaspoon of the tincture of Shepherd's Purse in a cup of warm water every three hours, lay off the carbos or burgers, and get over it. The more acute the onset, the better it works. Sluggish, week-long infections usually need stronger medicine.

~~ Michael Moore

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